Physician’s Gentlemens Club

July 20, 2008

Well, back to Shimmering Sands with me.

On the Southeast side of Dornal Coast, I was greeted by Denzea from the house of Paradigm. She was kind enough to show me Physician’s Gentlemens Club, which she decorated herself. She tells me that he’s a busy man and quite tall. 6 feet 5 inches to be exact! Mighty tall, indeed.

When we first entered, I walked into the receptionist area. There were benches for those who were waiting for their ride, or to get into the club. The Kojani chandelier really caught my eye as well. I could imagine the room illuminated by its light. She really did a great job at giving you a clean and simple entrance into the club.

Moving into the main area, there was a bar that fascinated me. It had a built in fish tank within it. Everything was made of Dusky Wood and looked great together, even the keg! I was amazed to see how tidy it was. I hear they have plenty of ale stocked away for the busy nights.

Parallel to the bar, I could see the entertainment room. Everything about this club was very high class. It was sleek and smug. A chic addition was how the furniture matched the bar. Fabulous!

Walking up the stairs of the club, you can see the buffet of hors d’oeurvres. I tasted a few and they were delicious.

She allowed me to see master Physician’s office area and room. His office was quite organized. In fact, a lot like the rest of his club. The furniture continued to match the rest of the house. Although, the chests really stuck out. I liked the stars on the side of them. I still wonder what he needed the axes for.

The bed room area was stunning. To the left was a fire place and hot tub. The room was large. The rugs looked warm and added a cozy feel to the room.

I decided to hop in the hot tub. I couldn’t resist. It was perfect! I really can’t wait to get one of these into my house.

His bed was massive! It made sense though, since he was a very tall gentlemen. I loved how the chairs matched the bed. Very stylish. I pondered what was in the chest next to the bed, but didn’t take a peek.

I hear that the place is booming with customers at night. Supposedly, there isn’t much to do on the island, so many an islander find themselves wandering towards the club.

I’d have to say this was an interesting journey, but worth it. I will have to come by when they get busy and take some pictures of the place in action. I was thinking of maybe getting some friends together. If you want to check the place out, get in touch with me. We’ll have to get a crew together. Perhaps, we can grab some ale while we are about.


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